Put Women in Charge

Grey Goose alcohol with lights (photo via Flickr/Rose)

Grey Goose alcohol with lights (photo via Flickr/Rose)

When we think of college parties we tend to jump to the conclusion that it’s a fraternity hosting the party.  The woman that attend the fraternity parties are forced to dress skimpy and act like the men want them to in order for them to get in. It has been suggested that the sororities on college campuses should be in charge of the parties. Studies show that this would not only reduce the chances of rape and sexual assault, but it would allow women to be more comfortable with getting a little bit more alcohol than they probably should.

Sororities that switch to being the hosts of the larger scale alcohol-fueled parties would have a higher membership fees per year, but many members believe that it would be worth it. Having parties on their property gives them a better hold on the party situation. Women tend to be able to gauge potentially dangerous situations faster than men do. If women were put in charge of the college parties, many campuses would be much safer.


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