Animals in the College Life

If you’re like me, you’ve had animals around you since you were born. Now, you’re moving off to college and you don’t know how you’ll handle not having that furry, scaly or slimy animal by your side. Many campuses don’t allow having animals in the residence halls and this makes it tough for us animal lovers. Fortunately, not all hope is lost! Many college campuses offer services for its students. For instance, Oklahoma State University offers students to interact with a group of individually owned therapy dogs to help them relieve stress. This practice is great around Pre-Finals week as the stress piles on.

If you’re just looking for something to take care of, you should consider getting a plant or even a small fish. I found that my freshman year was a lot less stressful the second semester when I got my fish, Tony. Owning something to take care of gets your mind off of all the stress that seems to come with constant exams, quizzes, and projects.

After you get to move out of the dorm and you are confident you can care for an animal without your mom reminding you to water or feed it, consider getting a cat or a dog. Now, whether you are a dog or cat lover I’m sure that 215233902_5deddff2d2_zwe all can agree that they are more entertaining than a plant or fish. Be sure to include your roommates on your plans on adding a family member to the family. Getting an animal with your roommate, or in some cases your best friend, can help you bond with them.

Many cities have animal shelters near their college campuses. If you can’t own an animal you can go volunteer and work with their animals. While you’re gaining furry friends you gain volunteer hours. Which looks fantastic on your resume when you are applying for jobs. Another great thing about animal shelters is that you get the opportunity to adopt and save an animal. There are always little animals looking for your love.

Having an animal in college is a great way to help you gain independence and responsibility when you move out on your own. Animals are known to help the over-all health of the human mind. We all need someone who needs us, and with an animal you need each other to make it through 8 o’clock classes, rough weekends and late nights studying.


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