The thing about distance in almost all cases is that it’s temporary. If you love someone or care for someone deeply, you’ll do what it takes to talk to them, to see them and to make them happy. Even if they are half way around the world. Distance takes work.

If you’re going into a relationship that is going to have some long distance you must first realize that it’s going to be hard and that you both will have to work at it. You’ll have to be understanding of the other person and with yourself. If you act like being away from each other isn’t a big deal and you can live a day without thinking about them then you’re probably just not meant to be together. I mean, we all are dating for the long term partner, aren’t we? If we aren’t then, what’s the point?

Map (photo via Flicker by Fosseyh)

Map (photo via Flicker by Fosseyh)

Distance can make puppy love die but make true love stronger. That’s the funny thing about love, many people can say they’ve loved, but few can actually say they’ve been in love. Being in love is more than a word, it’s a collection of actions. It’s knowing someone’s heart better than you know your own. Distance can make or break a relationship. So, if you’re in love and in a long distance relationship, take a breath and tell yourself that it will be hard, but your partner is the light at the end of the tunnel.


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