Storm’s aren’t uncommon. There are many different attributes to them. Tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, and windy thunderstorms all have there own list of factors. I believe that people are like storms. We all brew in our own type of scares and worry before we hit the people around us, and we are all just attributes to each other’s storms. Some people are such big storms that they never fix the bridges between the people they hurt. This is when we must take a step back and see what’s really at stake.13674909754_e3b32d4587_b

Let me ask you, is it better for momentary fix through a storm to make you feel better? Is it better to look past other peoples mistakes and hurtful words so you aren’t miserable and left without that person in your life? We’ve all been done wrong and we’ve all done wrong. Let’s look past it. Life with everyone being understanding would make the world turn so much easier. Love those who hurt you because …

1) They see how loving and forgiving you are. This might just change them and turn them on a healthier path of thinking.

2) Hate burns, bubbles and devouers those who participate in it. Stand out and say that you don’t want to be that harmful storm to the people around you. Sometimes all a person needs is a little bit of love and kindness to change a stormy day into a clear, bright-shining day.

Love one and love all.


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