Point A to Point B

I don’t think we realize how important cars are to us. Yes, clearly we need them to get us and things from point A to point B, but has any else noticed that car commercials have gotten a lot more, well, touching? Several commercials include family and pets. I began to think that these commercials are right on point with today’s lifestyle. We spend a lot of our lives in our vehicles with our friends and our families, more than I think we actually realize. Our cars are the places where we learn not only how to drive, but be nice to complete strangers on the road. We learn from our mistakes on the road when we get in a wreck. Some realize that their cars are their own little private stage for concerts to themselves. (Kind of like me)

Old car (photo via Flicker by Collargoll)

Old car (photo via Flicker by Collargoll)

We all need our cars, and I don’t think any of us would want to give up our cars. Our cars get us from our youthful point A to our more wise point B in life.

Today I was in line to get gas in my car and a man in front of me gave me $10 to add to the $8.20 I gathered from the loose change in my car. This act of kindness from a complete stranger is just a showing of how much people love people and how much we know the importance of our cars.

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