“OK, Google, Why Can’t We Live Without You?”

You start wondering if the color orange was named after the fruit or if the fruit was named after the color. It’s simple everyday thoughts like that that lead us to learn, and what do we use to learn? Google. Google is the world’s most used search engine. I mean, I use it every single day. It’s hard for today’s generation to imagine having to go to the local library and read books just to learn simple information. Our society today is all about getting what you want when you want it with minimal effort. Now, I know that when I word it like that it seems terrible. Honestly, it’s just how we are. So, we go to Google when we want or need something. Google even has a site where you can find animals, actors, athletes and many more topics that are trending at any moment from people just searching for information using Google. Yeah, crazy!

Google's Trademark (Photo via Flickr by warrantedarrest)

Google’s Trademark (Photo via Flickr by warrantedarrest)

Google has almost anything you can think of. Do you feel sick? You could Google what you have even though I wouldn’t suggest that as a serious diagnosis. Google isn’t just a noun anymore. It’s a verb. I’m sure you’ve been told to, “Google it!”

Google is there for us when we have those awkward questions. We all know we’ve Googled some pretty interesting questions.

I even took the liberty of looking up what was the weirdest thing someone has Googled and I came across this site. Take a gander. 

So, Google! Learn as much information as fast as you can so when people think back on our generation they know that we used all of our resources and that we aren’t just lazy as some older people say we are.

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