Storm’s aren’t uncommon. There are many different attributes to them. Tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, and windy thunderstorms all have there own list of factors. I believe that people are like storms. We all brew in our own type of scares and worry before we hit the people around us, and we are all just attributes to each other’s storms. Some people are such big storms that they never fix the bridges between the people they hurt. This is when we must take a step back and see what’s really at stake.13674909754_e3b32d4587_b

Let me ask you, is it better for momentary fix through a storm to make you feel better? Is it better to look past other peoples mistakes and hurtful words so you aren’t miserable and left without that person in your life? We’ve all been done wrong and we’ve all done wrong. Let’s look past it. Life with everyone being understanding would make the world turn so much easier. Love those who hurt you because …

1) They see how loving and forgiving you are. This might just change them and turn them on a healthier path of thinking.

2) Hate burns, bubbles and devouers those who participate in it. Stand out and say that you don’t want to be that harmful storm to the people around you. Sometimes all a person needs is a little bit of love and kindness to change a stormy day into a clear, bright-shining day.

Love one and love all.


The thing about distance in almost all cases is that it’s temporary. If you love someone or care for someone deeply, you’ll do what it takes to talk to them, to see them and to make them happy. Even if they are half way around the world. Distance takes work.

If you’re going into a relationship that is going to have some long distance you must first realize that it’s going to be hard and that you both will have to work at it. You’ll have to be understanding of the other person and with yourself. If you act like being away from each other isn’t a big deal and you can live a day without thinking about them then you’re probably just not meant to be together. I mean, we all are dating for the long term partner, aren’t we? If we aren’t then, what’s the point?

Map (photo via Flicker by Fosseyh)

Map (photo via Flicker by Fosseyh)

Distance can make puppy love die but make true love stronger. That’s the funny thing about love, many people can say they’ve loved, but few can actually say they’ve been in love. Being in love is more than a word, it’s a collection of actions. It’s knowing someone’s heart better than you know your own. Distance can make or break a relationship. So, if you’re in love and in a long distance relationship, take a breath and tell yourself that it will be hard, but your partner is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Animals in the College Life

If you’re like me, you’ve had animals around you since you were born. Now, you’re moving off to college and you don’t know how you’ll handle not having that furry, scaly or slimy animal by your side. Many campuses don’t allow having animals in the residence halls and this makes it tough for us animal lovers. Fortunately, not all hope is lost! Many college campuses offer services for its students. For instance, Oklahoma State University offers students to interact with a group of individually owned therapy dogs to help them relieve stress. This practice is great around Pre-Finals week as the stress piles on.

If you’re just looking for something to take care of, you should consider getting a plant or even a small fish. I found that my freshman year was a lot less stressful the second semester when I got my fish, Tony. Owning something to take care of gets your mind off of all the stress that seems to come with constant exams, quizzes, and projects.

After you get to move out of the dorm and you are confident you can care for an animal without your mom reminding you to water or feed it, consider getting a cat or a dog. Now, whether you are a dog or cat lover I’m sure that 215233902_5deddff2d2_zwe all can agree that they are more entertaining than a plant or fish. Be sure to include your roommates on your plans on adding a family member to the family. Getting an animal with your roommate, or in some cases your best friend, can help you bond with them.

Many cities have animal shelters near their college campuses. If you can’t own an animal you can go volunteer and work with their animals. While you’re gaining furry friends you gain volunteer hours. Which looks fantastic on your resume when you are applying for jobs. Another great thing about animal shelters is that you get the opportunity to adopt and save an animal. There are always little animals looking for your love.

Having an animal in college is a great way to help you gain independence and responsibility when you move out on your own. Animals are known to help the over-all health of the human mind. We all need someone who needs us, and with an animal you need each other to make it through 8 o’clock classes, rough weekends and late nights studying.

Thoughts on Getting Connected

It is common to hear previous generations talk about how our generation is always on its phone. We still maintain healthy relationships with the people near us and with social media on our cell phones, we stay in contact with people all the way around the world. My older brother lives in Germany serving the United States Air Force, and the only way I can speak with him is through the famous Facebook Messenger. It is important for people to be connected to the world. Media is constantly changing and evolving into something much more than what it was. If we went back just a mere 20 years ago and told them what media would be like today they would say that we are dreaming and unrealistic. It is a way to learn other cultures and to actually meet new people.

Get connected and stay connected. 488040627_5c3292312a

It’s Never Too Late

It’s rather normal for people to get engaged in their 20’s or even earlier. George Kirby waited 27 years to propose to his new fiancee, Doreen Luckie. Now, while that doesn’t sound completely crazy, we take a second look. Kirby is 102 years old and Luckie is 91. This happy British couple will potentially be the oldest newly-wed couple when they tie the knot this upcoming June. While I begin to wonder if they waited so long just to gain the fame, I discover what Kirby told reporters, “I suppose it’s about time, really. I definitely don’t feel my age. Doreen keeps me young.” I see now that love takes time to4859921192_48f0184c8b_z develop and no one should ever just jump into the “next step” just because that’s what is “normal.”

I say, take your time. Love deep and love true. Even if it does take your entire life to do so. Better loved than never loved at all.

Are They Just Cool, or Are They Better?

For years, the music world has been taken over by digital forms of entertainment. I can honestly say that I haven’t physically touched a CD, tape, or vinyl record5768389773_7447abe4ed_b in years. So, it is interesting for me to discover that the demand for vinyl records is increasing. Is this just a hobby for people, or is the quality that the people are demanding for?

The sound and quality of vinyl records are uncomparable to digital downloads. With vinyl, listeners get to enjoy warm music. If vinyl has been around for this long, I don’t see it going anywhere any time soon. There are many stores in the United States and the United Kingdom that specifically hold thousands of different records for the music lovers and collectors of the world.

A Killer Logo

Little did we know about Nike’s  famous, “Just do it” jingle. Who would have guessed that the saying is a twist off of a murderer’s last words? That’s right! Gary Gilmore of Portland, Oregon was killed in 1977 by a firing squad for the criminal acts he had done in 1976. We ask ourselves why use such a dangerous man’s last words for a new and exciting brand.

The truth is, the $3 billion company had already had great standings with the public with their already famous logo, “Swoosh”. They just needed a little bit more edge, and boy did they find it! “Just do it” is now one of the most famous logos worldwide.

Nike shoes. (Photo via Flickr/ airbutchie)

Nike shoes. (Photo via Flickr/ airbutchie)

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Taylor Swift Buys Porn Sites?!

Despite the first reaction and shock of hearing that young, Taylor Swift bought two porn sites called and she actually did this to protect her image. She and her trusted team didn’t want her long list of ex-lovers from buying them first and from letting them ruin her “perfect little angel” reputation. Taylor won’t have to worry about getting tear drops on her guitar later with this smart decision.

Shortly put, domain squatting is defined as, ” Using an Internet domain name with bad faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else.” This “domain squatting”  has been around for a while now, but since social media has really took off in the last 10 years celebrities have to worry about it more often. Taylor’s team was on the ball though and saved the little princess from any harm.

Taylor Swift and her album cover of RED (Photo via Flickr/ taylorswiftgirl88)

Taylor Swift and her album cover of RED (Photo via Flickr/ taylorswiftgirl88)

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